Our Story

I spent years working as a paramedic in a busy emergency service. Although I did not see it at the time my work started to have negative effect on me. I had trouble sleeping, I was irritable and constantly getting into fights with my wife and children. I started drinking alcohol to be able to sleep. It was a slippery slope as one bottle of rum disappeared after another. One year for my birthday my brother sent me a few joints. At that time I had not smoked pot since high school. I thought I would give it a try. 

That night was the first restful sleep I had in months. I woke up happy and full of energy. It was truly amazing. I can confidently say and without a word of exaggeration that pot saved my marriage and maybe my life. 

I like smoking joints in particular and after a while I started searching for a better way to enjoy them, a roach clip that I wouldn’t have to constantly squeeze, didn’t crush the joint or tear the paper and could be used outside in -30 C without getting frost bite (did I mention I’m from Canada?) That was when I came up with the J-Stick, a solid, easy to use roach clip which does all the things I wanted it to do.

Since then I had left emergency services and started this business with my wife to provide pot smokers with high quality tools to enjoy their joints. We hope you like them too.